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Ultimate roofing and building products

Ulti-Mate Roofing and Business Products was formed in 2021 and has become a leading UK manufacturer of roofing and building products that is part of the Patterson and Rothwell Group, a prominent plastic injection moulding company based in the UK. It is led by a strong Management; Sales and Warehouse/Logistic team with many years’ experience in this sector.

Ulti-Mate Roofing has 24/7 manufacturing capacity and full control of its supply chain. Additionally, Patterson and Rothwell’s over 30 years’ experience in Roofing manufacturing enables Ulti-Mate Roofing to expand its product lines with access to in-house design and tooling, allowing Ulti-Mate Roofing offers a wider range of innovative, sustainable roofing and building products that are fully recyclable.

Eaves Ventilation

Full range of Eaves ventilation materials allowing installations to comply to B5250.

Dry Fix

Full range of Dry Ridge, hip and individual verge systems insuring installations comply to BS5250 and BS5534.

Pitched Roof Vents

Full range of vent tils for interlocking, plain tiles for roof ventilation or extraction and also slate vents.


Full range of open and dry valleys and bonding strips.


Connectors, closures and corners to work with fascias and bargeboards.

Flat Roofing

Rainwater outlet, Perforated rainwater outlet, Leaf guard, Parapet outlet, Breather vent.


Ultimate has an extensive range of roofing components enabling roof construction to comply with all relevant standards in addition to the high quality and the highest technical design standards
– greatly assisting in installation.