A roofer from Buckinghamshire has been sent to prison for 6 years for deliberately scamming customers out of thousands of pounds by over-pricing for repairs and work that wasn’t required.

Terry Green 27, gained the trust of his victims by originally quoting reasonable prices for minor works on their property but then told them that he had uncovered further issues that needed urgent attention and produced another quote which was thousands of pounds more expensive than the original one.

Green visited the property of an elderly couple in Sandwich and asked them if they wanted him to repair their chimney at a cost of £350. Green later informed the couple that the whole roof would need replacing and would cost £20,000 but after some haggling the couple agreed a price of £7000.

Green’s scam came to light when the couple’s bank became suspicious after £3,090 was paid and they stopped any further transactions and  informed the Police who confirmed that Green had previously been brought to their attention for scamming another couple out of £1,650 after originally quoting £45 for a repair.

Green of Iver in Buckinghamshire pleaded guilty to both offences with a further 9 counts of fraud being ordered to remain on file.